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Control & Accessories



In line basket lift out and wye type in cast iron, aluminum, ductile iron and stainless steel with various size protection screens.

Liquid Level Controls

Pedestal Mount Level Switches

Pedestal mounted mechanical float controls in general purpose, water tight and explosion proof enclosures. Stainless steel float ball is standard.






control Panels

Control Panels

Available in all type enclosures for single or multiple pump arrangements. To start and stop pump/motors or control and signal AC or DC devices.. Panels built to your needs and requirements.

Check Valves


Basin covers available for simplex or duplex pump arrangements in sizes made to fit your pit. Covers include vent connection, inspection opening and mounting for level controls. Basin covers available in various configurations including hatch type and skid plate design.

Check Valves

Tethered Level Switches

Designed to directly control pumps up to ½ hp at 115V, 1 hp at 230V or monitor liquid levels to activate control panel and alarms.


Fiberglass Basin

Fiberglass Basins

Using resins designed to meet the harshest sewage applications. Available with anti-floatation bottom. Basin inlet hubs are field installable and come in different sizes and styles.



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