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AC/DC “Piggy Back” Power System

For sump or sewage operation

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The AC & DC motors on the 5675 Battery Backup system operate independently of each other. Each is capable of driving the pump by themselves at 100% capacity. The reason Tramco has engineered the motors to alternate, is to utilize the DC motor on a regular basis. Most Battery Backup units offered by other manufacturers, have small capacity secondary pumps that are only used when AC power has failed. Not being used for long periods of time has proven time and time again, not to be a reliable source of pumping. Either the batteries fail or the pump is frozen from nonuse. Tramco Pump kept this in mind during development. The use of DC every other time the pump operates, exercises the batteries regularly. After use, the batteries are charged back up and ready to go again. This eliminates the chance of battery failure from nonuse. Tramco also utilizes Heavy Duty deep cycle batteries with enough power to pump 1400+ cycles or in excess of 36,000 gallons pumped with fully charged batteries.

Another main feature of Tramco’s AC/DC system, is that we use our standard Tramco pump, which is capable of delivering 100 GPM or 6000 GPH at 10′ TDH while running on AC or DC power. You will need your pump the most, during a heavy rain storm and/or power failure. You can be assured that you still have the pumping capacity to keep your basement dry using our 5675 battery backup system along with our sump pump.

Enjoy the Advantages

Get round the clock protection and peace of mind while sleeping, shopping, or out of town.  The Model 5675 power assembly replaces the original AC motor currently installed on your Tramco pump or can be used with any other 1/3 or 1/2 HP upright sump pump or sewage ejector now in service with a 56C frame motor register.

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