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In 1924, Harry DeCosta started TRAnsmission Machinery COmpany in Chicago, IL.; a company dedicated to repairing and remanufacturing machinery equipment. Harry’s long time boyhood friend, John Obermaier, was a salesman for Chicago Pump Company at the time. Eventually, Harry and John decided to go into business together, with the idea of what started as a sideline business for the two friends, to combine both their machinery repair and pump expertise.

In 1930, the company began manufacturing our own line of sump pumps, then in 1934 entered in to the distribution business and became the second industrial distributor for The Gorman-Rupp Pump Company. This is a relationship we still maintain today.

In 1945, the company then moved into a larger facility to accommodate their growing business. During the 1950’s we developed our patented basement flood control systems and in the years to follow, several products were added to our business of manufacturing and the distribution of pumps and controls.

In 1968, our name was changed to Tramco Pump Company, to reflect our focus of providing solutions for our customer’s liquid handling problems by using pumps. It was also then we began our relationship with Viking Pump.

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In 1974, we again moved into a larger facility to meet the growing demands of our customers. During the 1980’s and 1990’s, we expanded our manufacturing products to compete in the commercial market. We also began selling our own manufactured products through a nationwide distributor network.

In December 2017, Tramco Pump Company once again moved into a newer and larger facility – located at 1428 Sherman Road in Romeoville, IL – where we look forward to continuing to satisfy all of our customers pumping needs. Tramco Pump will continue to specialize in designing, engineering, and manufacturing pumps and custom pumping systems for the: industrial, commercial, residential and O.E.M. markets. Through the years our products may have changed, but our strong commitment has not. Now a third generation family owned and operated business, it remains our top priority to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services.

What our Clients are saying…

Thanks for your response Mr. Obermaier. We are starting to feel relaxed with the system after all the rain the Saturday before Mother’s day without water back. It was nice to sleep through a storm without getting up to rush to the basement and manuallhy close off the sewer. Your response about not having to order parts until decades from now makes me feel even more relaxed.

Satisfied Customer

What our Clients are saying…

Appreciate the great help from you and everyone at Tramco. The change out of the pump and switch in an old 960 we installed over 20 years went like clockwork. You guys and girls rock.

Carmen, Robert and Angie
Satisfied Customers

What our Clients are saying…

Hello, I installed a Tramco 960 pump in my home in 1982. I need to replace the two flap valves in it. The part numbers I had listed are: 900610C & 900710C. Can I purchase these from you? Your pump was one of the best investments I ever made! Thanks for your time.

Satisfied Customer

What our Clients are saying…

After 3 flooding events with 3 feet of sewer water in my basement I finally called and had them come out to evaluate my problem. After 10 minutes, they had determined that I needed to install the Tramco Lift Station. Since the unit was installed in 2009, I have not had 1 drop of water in my basement, even when everyone else on my block was full to the rafters. Great service. Great people. I have even began to use them for plumbing and back flow valve testing at my work.

Alex H.
Westchester, IL

What our Clients are saying…

Bought a house with a Tramco ejector pump system already here, a few years in and the pump started acting up, over the phone one of the Johns (Real nice guy) and he talked me through some trouble shooting ideas, but to no avail, I asked what it would cost for a replacement and after realizing I had the rolls Royce model I asked if they had any company that they would recommend and that knows their systems well. I was directed to Len Nuzzo plumbing and sewer, another great guy. Nuzzo came outa nd fixed it right up and was incredible fair prices about it. The Tramco people were incredibly friendly and professional, didn’t try to sell me anything I didn’t need and directed me to the guy that knows their systems. Great experience all around.

Michael C.
Chicago, IL