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3100 Series Industrial Sewage Pump

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TRAMCO’s Series 3100 Vertical Sewage Pumps are engineered and precision built for years of dependable service. Quality materials and construction, together with a mechanical shaft seal design, allow continuous operation in liquids with abrasives and unscreened solids.

3100 Tramco pump


Sewage Lift Stations
Industrial Processes
Waste Treatment Plants
Underpass Drainage


The Series 3100 is a centrifugal type pump fitted with an enclosed impeller accurately machined and balanced for smooth, quiet operation. Capable of passing up to 3″ diameter solids. Available in 3″ and 4″ discharge, flows up to 425 GPM and heads up to 50ft.

Mechanical Shaft Seal

Series 3100 pumps are fitted with a mechanical shaft seal which prevents the liquid being pumped from entering and contaminating the lower sleeve bearing while retaining the lubrication in the pump. Seals are available with hardened faces for abrasive liquid application.

Pump Lubrication

Tramco’s lubrication system provides continuous lubrication to shaft, self lubricated intermediate and lower sleeve bearings. It eliminates the need for external grease lines or product lubricated sleeve bearings.

Shaft Column Pipe

The pump is manufactured with schedule 80 hot dipped galvanized steel.


Size 1-1/4″ high accuracy, grade 1215 turned, ground and polshed. Shafts also available in stainless steel.

Discharge Pipe

Size 3″,4″ or 6″ schedule 40 hot dipped galvanized steel.

Motor Support Bracket

The heavy cast iron pedestal is accurately machined to house the thrust bearing and align the motor.

Thrust Bearing

The thrust ball bearing is grease lubricated and elevated above the cover plate for protection from dirt and moisture.

Floor Plate Suspension Cover

Heavy duty 20″ diameter steel. Tramco will fabricate covers to duplicate existing pumps and piping.


The motor and pump shafts are connected by a flexible coupling that allows the motor to be easily  removed without distributing the pump and piping.

Float Control (Optional)

Heavy duty pedestal mounted float switch is available with stainless steel float ball.

Basin Cover (Optional)

Heavy duty basin cover capable of supporting vertical suspended pumps and motors. Covers are available for simplex, duplex or other configurations.