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8000-8150 Series Booster Systems

2900 Series Industrial Sewage Pump

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TRAMCO's Series 8150 water pressure booster systems are designed and manufactured to provide a steady, constant pressure while providing the flow demand of your facility.

High rise apartments, Hotels, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Factory process

Pumps and Motors
High quality, dependable pumps, sized for the application ensuring designed capacity at rated pressure boost. Pump styles include close coupled, in-line, split case, multi-stage diffuser as well as multi-stage vertical turbine units.

Pressure Reducing Valves
Properly sized pressure reducing valves, per pump, designed to provide a constant steady pressure, regardless of flow demand ensuring a constant pressure. This prolongs equipment life by keeping a steady constant pressure without pressure fluctuations.

Control Panel
U.L. Labeled and listed Nema control panels with components properly selected to  provide automatic operation of the system. All panels include a detailed wiring diagram with serial number for accurate identification.

The systems are provided in either knock down field erected or prefabricated including common skid, all internal piping and wiring. Field erected systems are conveniently packaged for installations in existing building where smaller entrance ways prevent larger prefabricated systems to pass through. Field erected systems are however assembled in easily movable sections for connection at the building. Prefabricated systems require suction and discharge header connection, main power connection to the panel, and thermal relief lines to drain if specified.

Systems are provided in Simplex, Duplex, Triplex and more.




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